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Bounty ready for Sting clash

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1 Bounty ready for Sting clash on Sun 22 Nov 2009, 18:40


A clash at this year′s Sting at Jamworld in Portmore between Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel is already widely anticipated, and with the Warlord back in his usual cross and angry mode, it seems likely that the face-off will occur.

Bounty Killer, who had opted to take on the role of peacemaker at last year′s Sting, says the people were not appreciative of his efforts to promote peace and unity in the dancehall and as a result, he will this year "give dem what dem want."

"Di people dem resent me last year Sting because mi a try push peace. I try to give them love an unity and they were not with me on that, so that determine my action this year," he said.

Bounty Killer has made it clear that he is not pleased with the degrading levels that dancehall music has reached, and feels that the general public, along with the artistes and the Gaza/Gully feud, have all contributed in compounding the problem.

"A di people dem take da turn yah, cause from long time wi sing dem song yah, a jus sey dem guh to a likkle more extreme dan we because nobody neva waan literally kill each other. But a nuh jus di artiste dem, we as Jamaicans need to look inna ourselves to. Since of late the vulgarity gone to a different level," he said.

Now, a potential clash at Sting with Vybz Kartel is Bounty Killer′s way of trying to "weed out the bad weed, an that′s why yuh si mi a guh tek on Kartel, cause wi nah guh mek him mash up di dancehall."

According to Bounty the Gully/Gaza issue began after an incident in which Razz and Biggy were assaulted for playing too many Mavado songs. "There is a line that I don′t cross, Killa have a limit and there is a limit to everything. But Kartel cross the line," he said.

He continued ... "Suh now is just a declaration, I tek time and effort to buil an create you Kartel -an him a sey him badda dan Killa, suh I am jus here to show the people dat Kartel is not di baddest ting."
As for the likes of Merciless and Beenie Man, Bounty Killer declared, "Merciless nuh inna mi league, Merciless dead already, suh wi nuh response fi nuh dead corpse. If Kartel and Beenie waan come, send dem out, I am the Warlord!"

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