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Boom Boom claims sabotage - Promoter denies wanting him to clash

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The 'Gaza/Gully Fans Unity Party' held at the Building (formerly Asylum) in New Kingston last Tuesday night seemed to have sparked some controversy, instead of the peace that was intended.

Alliance selector, Boom Boom, who was expected to have passed through the event, is claiming that he was "set up" to perform at the event, which he believes was billed as 'Gaza versus Gully.'

When THE STAR spoke to the selector yesterday he said he believed he had been deceived to play at an event he didn't know was to be a selector clash between himself representing the Mavado-led 'Gully' and Chris Diamond from Code Red representing the Vybz Kartel-led 'Gaza.'

When contacted however, Andrew Richards, who works with the Building, disputed all claims that Boom Boom was set up, saying the event was billed for peace between the two warring musical sides.

Boom Boom told THE STAR, "me get a call Monday around 4:30 p.m. from Andrew who book the sounds and things at 'Sylum' asking me to pass through some Gully/Gaza ting in the club." According to Boom Boom, he agreed to 'pass through' the event as Asylum has always supported him throughout his career.

While he says he wasn't told a sum in which he would be paid, he was told that he would be "getting something" for playing. He continued,"five minutes afta Andrew call me, one Uptown Mondays selector sey dem hear sey me confirm for a Gully/Gaza clash. Nobody don't confirm and call me back and me all hear ads on radio for it. Nobody don't confront my manager or Bounty Killer bout it. Dat a sumting weh plan."

pass through

For Boom Boom, he says he has no fear of selecting at a Gully/Gaza clash but, not unless he is getting paid
to do so. "Mi did plan to pass through still although mi have two other dates that night. Me get a call from smaddy dere who sey di selector dem (Code Red) had portion of Gaza songs dissing me and call up my name. Bounty haffi tek di mic and talk to di people sey we neva know nutten bout dat," Boom Boom said.

Richards however, tells a different story saying, "I spoke to him (Boom Boom) and it was never promoted as a war event. It's 'Gaza/Gully Fans Unity Party' where Gaza people were to wear white and Gully wear black. We were excited about the whole event where people was just there to enjoy demselves. Even Bounty said he liked the idea and so did Kartel."

According to Richards, the event was promoted via radio stations and the Internet
as a peace event and that the selectors who were to play were not promoted at all. Richards did admit that he had heard persons saying it was a 'Gully versus Gaza' event but had always set them straight on the matter.

While Boom Boom did not pass through the event, Chris Diamond from Code Red played for most of the event, which Richards says was enjoyable and tension free.

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